Wednesday, December 19, 2018

'The Little Lord Jesus' freebie

Dear Friends!

Long time no news from me but I hope you will forgive me. I have been a busy mum taking care of my 2 years old Weronika and preparing for the arrival of her brother or sister this Christmas. Yes, just one week left to find out who will be added by Heavens to our family :) Waiting for this arrival I created a design of The Little Lord Jesus for my Christmas cards this year and I also inked it for you all to use it and share the whole meaning of the Holidays on your creation if you like. Please feel free to use it. (Just click on the image and save to your computer).

 Meanwhile I also have some great news for my digital works' fans. Due to the expanding family life I decided to make all my black and white works available from the same place. And Denise was so helpful to make this idea possible. So starting New Year - January the 1st my digital artworks will be available from Whimsy Stamps, just where my rubber works are. Here is the link just as a reminder:

So here are all the Great News that are being born :) And I hope that your waiting time for the events will be filled with Family Joy, Peace and Love of Jesus Christ. 

Have a wonderful Christmas my Friends!
Sylvia Zet with family.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Happy Easter Free Digi Stamp! :)

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and happy! :) I wanted to let you know I am still here but just busy with my 18 months old daughter that left me now time for work. I enjoy this new life chapter with her as much as I can. I miss you and think of you though.
I also started a new journey with Lord so wanted to do something for you and for Him at the same time and did some new digi for the Easter time. Please share it and use it - it is free for your personal use.

Happy Easter and God Bless you all!
Sylvia Zet

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Few new works

Hi everyone,

Here I am again five busy months later. :) All is well here, thank you so much for all your very kind wishes in my previous post. I also received some wonderful warm emails and beautiful cards that made this wonderful (but also challenging) time even more special. Thank you my friends!💖

As for my Weronika she is a little smiling sweetheart (half of the time of course) and allows me to draw a bit from time to time. But as she can wake up any time soon now I will keep this post short and just introduce two new artworks released today and two previous ones that I had no time to properly advertise so far:

Hold You Close 
(b/w digi -1.85 GBP, colour -2.50GBP)

Sleeping Cutie

 Betty and Bob


I hope you like them even though I had less time for each one of them comparing to what seems now like endless hours in my "before baby" life. 
They are all again available as digital stamps (1.85GBP, orders via email to weestamps at and as rubber stamps at (and at the retailers worl wide).

My full catalogue of works is still available at

Thanks for stopping by!
Sylvia Zet

Sunday, December 11, 2016


Hi everyone,

Some time ago I added one more design to my Wee collection, it is called Poinsettia and again, as her bigger sister Mistletoe, she is available as digital black and white stamp, digitally coloured jpg or as a rubber stamp.

Please remember that I take orders by email now! Digital versions are available for 1.85GBP each (apart from coloured Fairies which are 2.50GBP) and to order them just email me at weestamps (at) For the full catalog of my works please visit and

 For the rubber stamps fans - please visit Whimsy Stamps page here or any of Whimsy's retailers.

I hope you like this little new friend of mine :)

Speaking of new.... 

In my last post I promised to write about some change in my life that caused me to post and work less recently. Please forgive me my silence in this matter especially that it raised some worries about me but the news is all good! Two months ago I became a mother to a beautiful baby girl Weronika! My little fairy was born on 8th of October weighting over 3,5kg and she was a little stubborn girl as she was 16 days overdue! Now, after two months I am still getting to know her and it is an absolutely amazing adventure.

In the light of this new working environment I am not sure how often I will be releasing now as I do not know how time-consuming and demanding my new "boss" will be in next few months;) There is one new digi coming in January though and I have few baby sketches (some good source of inspiration is available now) waiting to be completed. Fingers crossed I will have some energy left to finish those.

Till then I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and creative New Year. 

Sylvia Zet

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September Release

Hi everyone!

It has been quite a while since I had posted anything and I apologize for this long silence. There will be some changes in my life soon and I hope I will be able to write more about it in my next post here. All is well here anyway and I finally managed to finish up a few new designs for you. Here they are:

 Mistletoe Fairy

*As I had few questions about coloured designs I decided to make Mistletoe Fairy available also in colour! You can use her as a card topper or just print for your own purpose (even send her as a postcard or print on a mug ;)) as long as it is for personal not commercial use and she is not shared online without watermark. (File dimension: H:11cm, W:7.70cm and 300dpi)

Garden Gnome

Cupcake Treat

Candle Light

(released some time ago but I never got around to introduce her properly)

Please remember that I now take orders by email! Digital versions are available for 1.85GBP each (apart from coloured Fairy which is 2.50GBP) and to order them just email me at weestamps (at) For the full catalog of my works please visit and

 For the rubber stamps fans - please visit Whimsy Stamps page here or any of Whimsy's retailers.

Thanks for visiting today and have fun colouring!
Sylvia Zet

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Hi everyone,

Cindy is one more fairy that is joining my Wee Stamps collection today. She is for those of you who like colouring long hair and wings. Lots of fun with her in that case. Her digital version is available for 1.85GBP again and to order her just email me at weestamps at For the full catalog of my works please visit and
For the rubber stamps fans - please visit Whimsy Stamps page here or any of Whimsy's retailers. You will find there not only the newest fairy but also Jillian and her friends, quite a popular freebie girl that was available some time ago. Her little squirrel friend and sentiments are only available in that physical version though.

Thanks for looking today. I am back to finishing my May release sketches - those ones will be more focused on some little animal creatures for a change ;)

Have a good day!
Sylvia Zet

Friday, February 12, 2016

February release

Hi everyone,

Two more designs have been just added to Wee Stamps collection. Bonnie bunny and Sweetie are now available as digital stamps or as rubber stamps.

Sweetie is a fairy that was actually created for a special birthday card for Mariska van der Veer. Sadly Mariska does not make cards anymore but I keep in touch with her and she still kindly helps me with the new designs. Finger crossed she will be back one day with her amazing 3D cards.
For more technical details - to order any of my designs please just email me at weestamps at and I will replay and send you an invoice asap. My digis are still 1.85 GBP (most of them). For the full catalog of my digital works please check HERE. And do not forget that there are two catalogs actually with two slightly different collections.

Rubber versions can be found as usually at Whimsy Stamps HERE and from Whimsy's retailers around the world.
Big thanks to everyone who still visit me here and for all the lovely comments you have left about my previously released Frog Prince:)

Have a  lovely day!
Sylvia Zet