Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Few new works

Hi everyone,

Here I am again five busy months later. :) All is well here, thank you so much for all your very kind wishes in my previous post. I also received some wonderful warm emails and beautiful cards that made this wonderful (but also challenging) time even more special. Thank you my friends!💖

As for my Weronika she is a little smiling sweetheart (half of the time of course) and allows me to draw a bit from time to time. But as she can wake up any time soon now I will keep this post short and just introduce two new artworks released today and two previous ones that I had no time to properly advertise so far:

Hold You Close 
(b/w digi -1.85 GBP, colour -2.50GBP)

Sleeping Cutie

 Betty and Bob


I hope you like them even though I had less time for each one of them comparing to what seems now like endless hours in my "before baby" life. 
They are all again available as digital stamps (1.85GBP, orders via email to weestamps at and as rubber stamps at (and at the retailers worl wide).

My full catalogue of works is still available at

Thanks for stopping by!
Sylvia Zet


  1. Just playing catch up. Congratulations on your news, born on my Birthday. These are super cute images as always

  2. So cute !!! I love them ! Hugs

  3. salve Sylvia ...avrei bisogno di contattarla per una richiesta in Italia ...come posso fare? le ho scritto in Facebook

  4. Lovely work. I appreciate it. God bless you. Thanks

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