Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello my Friends!

First of all - I am not sure if you read this Pinky, but if so - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! :o) I hope you will have a special Day today!

  I hope not to get you bored too much, but there is something I would love to write about. This morning I spot Rose's Bike Ride card so I visited Bettina blog to have a closer look. I read her post with great interest. She was complaining a bit about the rainy weather and wished for a storm. This is what she wrote:

"Im a girl who loves storms and the thunder. i get so excited and i love the adrenaline boost i get from it,lol. am i  really crazy? Well maybe i am a little crazy? just like you all, ha, ha! come on admit it, whats your crazy love? I told you mine, its thunder and lightning."

I think this "crazy love" idea is great! I decided to continue this and ask for your ones!  I am sure it will help us to get to know each other a little bit better and will help me not to feel too crazy about mu own crazy love,
which are.....


That is crazy, isn't it? LOL I generally love birds and little chickens just melts my heart. When I was a little girl I used to spend all summers with my grandparents on their farm back in Poland. There were no other kids in my age and I was rather a shy kid so I spend all days drawing and talking to hens and roosters. They were my friends with their own names (apart from those who where aggressive or simply not interested to socialize with me). LOL
I still love them, they do have different personalities, they are funny and they bring back my childhood memories. My dream is to have a little farm and to have there some most beautiful hens I have seen on poultry shows.

So what is your crazy love if you have one? Come on, share it, do not leave me with me crazy confession alone here! :o)

((To encourage you to share your crazy secret with us I am going to randomly draw one comment left here by you and reward it with 3 free Wee digis from or from NEXT release :o) ))

 OK - on to Wee Stamps. Here is my brand new release we have been waiting for. Dandelion Girl with watering can - wee design to fit the Spring that we (most of us:) have here at the moment and two new fairies : the Winter one for a change to Spring Bringer (already in Wee gallery) and one just pretty enough to be used for any season. :o)

Tiny plumes fluttering
Make no delay;
Little winged Dandelion
Soareth away.

Helen Barron Bostwick
Silent feet..... tiny bell......
silver dress ...... little plait......
Little Fairy,
Shine so bright.
Little Fairy,
Show your light. 

Brittany Graviet 
 Those're my girls! Some of you might be disappointed as there are no fluffies this time... but Hey! - the will come soon! :) 

Big hugs,
Sylvia Zet


  1. Oh Sylvia, you've done it again - gorgeous new releases. I love them all. My crazy love would have to be stormy days by the sea!! Love the sound of the sea crashing against the rocks and watching the spray rise into the air. Thrilling - :0)

  2. Oh, again some absolutely gorgeous designs! I just need to have that sweet Silver Fairy. So waiting forward to those fluffies, too ;)
    hugs, Tiiti

  3. beautiful beautiful!
    I am an avid reader - have been since I was a little girl. must read every day. love the smell of books. would adore a huge library filled to the rafters with every book published! but then I need a window so I can see outside while I read, too. weird, huh?! grins!

  4. Fabulous!!! I adore them all but Silver Fairy has just melted my

  5. Love them!!! You already have my order for all three!


  6. Oh wow they are just gorgeous - sooo pretty xx

  7. Oooooh sind die süß! Phantastische Motive!

    LG Dreja

  8. These are fantastic Sylvia. Just wonderful. I love them all but he Silver Fairy is absolutely stunning!
    My crazy love....well I have several...coloring with my copics is one....another is singing. As my little guy once put it "Mummy, you always have a song in your heart". I sing. My mother said I was singing almost before I was talking!
    Have a great day. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images with us....and your crazy is sweet!
    Hugs Jeanette

  9. Stunning images - love all three and will be placing my order right away!! My crazy love - dragonflies! I love to watch them flying around and the sunlight hitting their wings, but the funny thing is, if they get too close I freak out! LOL!!! Doesn't change my mind though - still love them. Ask anyone and they will tell you how many stamps, pieces of jewelry, and other things I own that are dragonflies - even my embosser for my cards and my watermark are images of my crazy love!!

  10. Oooo Sylvia, your work is always just stunning Hun!! I really luv this one!! Gotta have her now hehe. Keep up the stunning work. Lotsa luv, hugs xxxxx

  11. I am not sure what fluffies are, but these are fantastic. LOL! I have been busy coloring up my latest purchase and now I see there are three more that need to come home with me. I would love to see two little boys playing or maybe time with grandmother.

  12. Silver Fairy is just stunning! I love the new images, and will wait patiently for more fluffies to come.
    My crazy love? I have quite a few, but the pure magic of a rainbow in the sky is just blissful to me. I will run outside if it's raining and the sun is out just to look for a rainbow!
    I also get a bit excited over taxidermy and vintage Hallowe'en decorations too!

  13. Wow wow wow Sylvia!!! I love them all, but especialy the fairies!!!!! love them!!!
    jacqui P xx

  14. Hello Sylvia. Your new designs are wonderful well worth waiting for and I cant wait to buy them. I love the poetry. My crazy love...the smell of rain after a summer downpour, I wish they could bottle it! So fresh and sweet.
    Chris x

  15. Absolutely gorgeous Sylvia!!!!


  16. Absolutely stunning I have just been over and got the Silver Fairy she is so sweet.
    Chris x

  17. OH WOW Sylvia!!!! These are absolutely gorgeous!!! I just have to let them come to Norway, and will give them a nice home:O)
    Hugs, Nancy;O)

  18. oh my gosch! they are sooo beautiful! love them all and i cant wait to play with them.
    gotta go buy them right away.
    LOL sylvia! what a wonderful ide. maybe we can call it pass it forward. and its really so true, that telling this makes us get to know eatch other so much more and in a deeper level. im so happy that you liked my post and that i could inspiere you. and thank you!(,for linking to my blog and so much more, thanks!)
    big hugs and a big Mwah!

  19. They are beautiful Sylvia! Love them all!!
    About a crazy love, it got to be my cats, and what is so crazy about that is that I thought I hated cats until last year.
    I talk to my cats all the time and my brother thinks I lost my mind because the way I talk to them LOL. Off to visit your store now!


  20. Oh Sylvia they are all gorgeous I will be back later as I just have to have them but as my computer is down at the moment and I am having to comment via my iPhone I will have to wait a bit.
    My Crazy love is squirrels as I think they are so adorable. We have one that comes into our garden and I can't tell you the times I have tried to photograph it but it definitely knows and scarpers everytime lol ut one day I will get my perfect picture.

  21. Just stunning Sylvia, love them all I am so lucky to have been able to have a play with Dandelion girl pre release :) Now crazy love i love the sound of the wind and the rain when you are snuggled up in bed, all cozy and warm.
    Hugs Sonia xx

  22. I'm devenetly in love. Man, these are so gorgeous. Wish i could draw just like you. They are absolut stunning. And my crazy love...i still love to watch cartoons, Tom and Jerry. I've seen them about a 100 times but it's allways fun and laughter.
    Have a super weekend.
    Hugs, Yvon

  23. Thank you! Just did some shopping.. Hugs Marley

  24. Yay! Kept checking in and now have woken up to beautiful images. Great way to start the day. Off to shop! Thanks, they're gorgeous!

  25. LOVE the new stamps!! I just accidently bought all 3! Can't wait to get them!!!

  26. WOW!!! Your new images are stunning I absolutely love Silver Fairy and I can't wait to add her to my collection.

  27. Sylvia you have done it again! You just seem to draw the most adorable faces. My crazy love would have to be walking outside in my bare feet in the grass and looking at all my flowers. My husband has a fit I don't wear shoes but nothing better in my opinion!

  28. Happy Birthday to Pinky!!

    Oh Sylvia .. these are just GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE fairies tee hee!! I LOVE these drawings... gorgeous work AGAIN!!!


  29. PS.. I do mean too that my crazy love is fairies ... and butterflies.. they both send my heart a flutter... lol!

  30. Oh Sylvia, I love, love, love these new images. You are amazing!!! I've just purchased them all. Can't wait to get home and colour them up.
    Hugs xo Jackie

  31. Ooop, forgot to tell you my crazy love. I love witches, angels and fairies. Yep! my house it literally full of them. I can't resist them.
    Hugs xo

  32. These are amazing images! The silver fairy is magical! I already have her :)My crazy love- the sea! I absolutely love everything about it-the smell of sault, the waves, the sand and shells! Can't wait for summer-to go to the sea. I would like to see your summer drawings soon.

  33. HI Sylvia
    as usual, your designs are fabulous, i love all them but i have a little preference in winter fairy.
    Big hugs

  34. OMG i love them all time to go shopping

    I am so glad you do Digis I couldn't stand waiting for these love your work :)

  35. Sylvia these are just gorgeous! I've got the colouring done - just need to add to the cards now! My crazy love, fresh compost .. .. the smell and feel of it and knowing it's going to do my plants a power of good! and I love sniffing new rubber stamps too .. .. weird, I know!
    hugs, annie x

  36. Hi Sylvia!
    Thanks so much for your visits and encouraging words om my blog, I really appreciate it so much! The new release is absolutely stunning. It's a good thing you don't release more images at once or you would make me go broke buying them all, lol. I have a DT card to make where the Silver fairy would be perfect, and the Winter fairy will be on this years Christmas cards for sure.

    I had to think a while about what my crazy love might be, and I read all the other comments for some inspiration, lol. I do like books a lot, just to have them on my bookshelves. I rarely read the same book twice, but I still prefer buying them rather than borrowing them at the library. I just think that books are really beautiful. Maybe not that crazy, I don't know, but that's what I can think of at the moment.

    /Hanna xx

  37. Ohhh, my i im looove ♥♥♥
    I adore your new silver fairy, she is gorgeous!

    My crazy love is books!
    I love books about fairytales and magical worlds ♥♥♥
    I had a rough childhood, and the books made it so much easyer :)
    They allowed my fantasy and myself to float into a world of my own ♥
    Whenever i feel down, i can "run away" into a book and the world gets better ;)

    And the same is it with crafting ;)
    Fairys and magic in an ordinary life ♥
    Thank you!
    Hugs from Maya

  38. Oh Sylvia - I just had to HAVE!! Loving all 3 and made up a card already. Love the Silver Fairy - gorguss as alway....keep them coming. Hugs xx

  39. Sylvia, your images are so amazing I love them all!! I just purchased Silver Fairy as I had to have her as soon as I saw her!
    My crazy love??? So hard to pick just one so I'd say copic colouring & chocolate, both at the same time :)

  40. It's not that crazy, but I love that my 10-year old son whistles all the time...and he's really good at it!
    ...and I've just made a card with the sweet Wee Suzy ;)

  41. Ah Sylvia, firstly thanks very much for the birthday wishes, that was so sweet of you and I am honoured to get a mention on your blog:) Your new releases are absolutely gorgeous even with no fluffies:) and so lovely to colour!! My crazy love is tortoises!! I really want one for my garden but at the minute it is filled with tortoise ornaments:) Not sure how my little dog would get on with one though lol.Hugs

  42. I love this Silver Fairy! It is very beautiful.

  43. I love your digi images. They are so fun to color. I look forward to new releases.


  44. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, It's very pretty and sweet,,,

  45. All this images are so lovely, so cute!

  46. My crazy love are Fairies, will have them all.

  47. oh wow Sylvia I don't know how I missed these little beauties. They are adorable. Am off to the shop asap
    Anne x

  48. So gorgeous, love the Silver Fairy the most :)

  49. I love the silver fairy. I just had to have it.

  50. Pure gorgeousness Sylvia! The newest images are just too adorable!
    My "crazy love" is small animals in hats and outfits! It's a sickness, but I just can't help being endlessly entertained by costumed critters!!

  51. hello sylvia
    she is so beautiful

  52. Crazy love?? Hmm gotta be my dog. Not weird, in the normal day, but when she wakes me in the night coz she needs a wee and when she comes back in we have a long snuggle on the settee,its cold dark but perfect coz its just us,
    H xx