Thursday, December 16, 2010

Original vs photo

I am so excited as yesterday my rubber stamps arrived. I finally had a chance to see how they look like exactly. After examine the feel of it and size I really want to try start using them. So I guess I just need to find proper wooden blocks to stick them on and see what ink pads are the best out there. But the greatest thing about the parcel was that there were not only mine stamps from Spesch but also a card made by Tracey!

I am still impressed by the beauty of it. I knew that they must be really nice since I have seen so many in internet (and only in internet), but in any way photos are able to show everything about the cards! Now I know you really need to feel the texture of paper, flowers, the weight of it, colours in daylight and to see how glamour dust shines to understand the real value of handmade cards.
Thank you Tracey!

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  1. You are welcome darling. These stamps have what is known as cling mount on them so you need to get an acrylic block to use with them so you can stamp. You should be able to find at most scrapbooking craft stores. As for ink - if you are going to watercolor you need Staz On so the ink won't run. If you are using coloured pencils with odourless spirits or Copic (or alcohol based markers) than use Memento ink as then that won't run. If you are using markers don't use Staz on as it will ruin you marker tips. Good luck. I can't wait to see what your cards will look like. I am betting they will be impressive.